Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Headaches...oh how bothersome those can be.

Ok...this blog entry is purely for me to rant about headaches.
There's nothing more debilitating then getting a migrane every once in a while right? Wrong! In my opinion there's nothing more debilitating then having frequent headaches every other day. I don't know exactly what causes a headache, but i certainly know that i get one at least every other day. Typing this right now, I have a headache.
I started to have more frequent headaches every other day when i was about 21 years old. No clear explanation as to why i am dreaded with these frequent headaches every other day, just ,"Oh here, take these pills that will get rid of your headaches." !! "FOREVER??" "Nooooo...but here, have a lolly" or whatever those quacks say to get you out of their room. And never mind what these pills can do to your body.
Two years down the road, now that i'm 23, headaches are worse, those pills are no longer helping, and in fact i believe my stomach hates me for all those pills i have taken every other day for two years.

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