Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Headaches...oh how bothersome those can be.

Ok...this blog entry is purely for me to rant about headaches.
There's nothing more debilitating then getting a migrane every once in a while right? Wrong! In my opinion there's nothing more debilitating then having frequent headaches every other day. I don't know exactly what causes a headache, but i certainly know that i get one at least every other day. Typing this right now, I have a headache.
I started to have more frequent headaches every other day when i was about 21 years old. No clear explanation as to why i am dreaded with these frequent headaches every other day, just ,"Oh here, take these pills that will get rid of your headaches." !! "FOREVER??" "Nooooo...but here, have a lolly" or whatever those quacks say to get you out of their room. And never mind what these pills can do to your body.
Two years down the road, now that i'm 23, headaches are worse, those pills are no longer helping, and in fact i believe my stomach hates me for all those pills i have taken every other day for two years.

Friday, February 18, 2011

The magnificent wonders of Chocolate :)

If I could describe chocolate in one word, it would be: Healing.  It's nutritional values may be at question but who cares?

Chocolate is good for the soul. It's a healer to the soul.  When women get to that time of the month, what do they want most? Chocolate. 

I would say something a lil more than what would be considered PG, but this is a PG blog, so it wouldn't be in my best interest to go into detail how Chocolate is an aphrodisiac.  So you can think about that one, or even research it if you'd like. 

When I think about chocolate products, I think about Chocolate bars, big solid chocolate bunnies for Easter, big solid chocolate Santa's for Christmas, or miniature chocolates in a heart shaped box for Valentines Day.  You can have chocolate all year round and it'd still be the number one consumed thing across the world. 

Actually, there are still people in the world who've never heard of chocolate, let alone had the pleasure to taste it.  I know alot of people that don't like chocolate at all.  For example, my Fiance Michael is not a big fan of chocolate, but every once in a while, he'll have some.  Me? I couldn't live without chocolate.  To me, eating chocolate or drinking chocolate (hot cocoa) means to be at peace.  I say that because I can't help but be over whelmed or over comed by that peaceful feeling that chocolate has the power to do.  I know when i'm not in a good mood or am way too stressed, I want chocolate. 

It may not be good for people, but that's another debate.  Well, I guess not really a debate, there are hardly any nutritional vaules other than calcium, and natural sugar.  Natural sugar depending on the manufacturing process of course.

All I know is without chocolate, I'd be the meanest *bad word* around. It's so amazing what chocolate can do to a person.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Answer me this...

Q:Why is the sky blue?

A: Well according to the Beatles and the movie Across The Universe, It makes them cry....

But really who knows why the sky is blue? Is it because the Sun reveals that kind of color in our atmosphere?
I have a theory, not a serious one, but, I think it's because of all the gases in our atmosphere.  Not sure why. I think the sky is blue because that's how it's always been during the day. Well if you wanna get technical, sometimes it's blue, sometimes gray, sometimes yellow, sometimes orange, sometimes red, and so on and so forth.  We just call it blue because some of us aren't awake to see it yellow, orange and red.

To me, the sky being blue is a beautiful thing. It means I get to look up into the sky and really be alive.  As to why the sky is blue, unless you know the real answer, it's an un-answerable question. But if I had to take an educated guess, I'd say it's because of the gasses in our atmosphere.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ten years younger than me: The only thing I have ever wanted was ______?

(In the voice of a 13 year old)

The only thing that I have ever wanted was the new P!nk cd! I love her sooooooo much!!! She is my idol because she knows how to really tell people off.  I can't do that because I'm only 13.  I wish I could be like her.

She has a good voice, she's pretty, she has AWESOME hair.  I wanna dye my hair pink!!!! But of course, my mom and dad won't let me :(.  They suck. 

She also is pregnant, how do you get pregnant? Some one told me you do it by having "sex"? What is sex? I think I'm learning that in Health class right now. We're just learning about smoking and drugs and bad food right now. I think I'll have to ask my mom about it.

In one of P!nk's songs, it's called "Family Portrait", she talks about her life as a child and how her parents broke up and how she doesn't want a new life, she wants it how it used to be when they were happy.  She sings "In a family portrait, we look pretty happy, let's play pretend and act like it comes naturally.  I don't wanna have to split the holidays, I don't want two addresses, I don't want a step brother anyways, and I don't want my mom to have to change her last name!"  Every time I hear that part of the song, it makes me cry because I feel bad for any one that has to go through that.  Even if they make it work, it'll never be the same.

I want that cd, that's all I ever wanted :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Expections 1 (i don't know how else to label this one haha)

What I expect from myself for this course is mostly a better understanding of how to get a paper started.  I know what I want for a body, but getting it started is so hard for me.
I've never been good at introductions, and that sucks because that's what draws the audience into the paper.  So what i would love to learn from this class is how to write a better introduction.
I know this blog isn't going to be very long because that's all i really expect from myself for this course.
Well I guess I could expect another thing from myself...keep up with these blogs until the last minute. I hate not having a computer at home. But unfortunetly i'll have to deal with it till i get some good amount of money.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Some thing that's gonna make Brooke go, "COME ON!! REALLY???!!!"

So, this is my topic of choice, The Twilight Saga:Breaking Dawn!

Yes, I'm really gonna talk about it :).  Sorry Brooke.

Okay, so whoever has heard of the twilight, should know some thing's about Breaking Dawn. Of course the movie is not out so I'm gonna talk about the book and what I like about. 

I remember when I bought the book Breaking Dawn and immediately started reading it. I told my mom and dad and everyone to leave me alone for a few days. It took me three days to read that book. There's three stories within that book.  Book one: Bella, Book two: Jacob, Book three: Bella (again, yea...why not Edward?).

So, in Book one: Bella, In the first chapter, she's talking about getting married to Edward, looks at the ring on her finger, looks at the steering wheel, and the vehicle is not her old red Chevy truck :(. I forgot what the car was but it's missile proof, Edward bought it for her. Then Bella's remembering when Edward and herself had to tell Charlie, Bella's father. They were sitting across from him, and he glanced at the ring on her finger, and she thinks he took at glance at his gun because he's the chief of police there in Forks Washington. Then Edward says, "Charlie, I love Isabella with all my heart and soul. And I know I've said this before but I will take care of her from now on. I never asked for your permission, but now I'm asking for your blessing.  We're getting married, Charlie.".  What happens next is what Bella describe as Charlie's emotions playing out in three colors, white, purple, then red. "You're pregnant!" yelled Charlie.  Immediately Bella goes on the defense and says, "What?! Of course not. Dad, I'm still a virgin...not that you probably needed to hear that, but it's true. We're getting married because we're in love. Please dad, there's no one I want more than Edward, and that'll never change.".  Then all of a sudden Charlie starts laughing and says, "Okay, get married if you want, but you have to tell your mother.". 
And of course like almost all moms, she's ecstatic. Bella's mother's name is Renee.
So Charlie labeled his ex-wife as a traitor and throughout til the wedding day he kept mumbling "Can't trust no one now a days."
So skipping a few chapters, to the night before the wedding. Bella and Edward are cuddling on her bed for the last time as boyfriend and girlfriend. And they're talking about their wedding night, and since this is a PG blog, I'm not going into details. Then all of a sudden Edward hears his brothers Emmet and Jasper outside of Bella's window telling him to come out so they can have their own Bachelor party. Which since they're Vampires, they go hunt and feed on wild animals. So Bella is left alone to go to sleep.
Next day, the wedding day.
That chapter was one of my favorites in that book. Not only is Alice the maid of honor, she also set up the whole wedding. From what is was described in the book, it was perfectly set up for back in Edwards time before he was turned into a Vampire. Bella's ring and Dress was designed around that era.
Long book short, they get married, Jacob (her werewolf best friend who's in love with her) shows up, Bella and Jacob dance, she talks about the honeymoon, and that upsets Jacob, he almost kills Edward at the reception but is dragged back into the woods. No one noticed. They finish the reception, leave for their honeymoon, they go to a small island called Isle Esme (Edwards "Mother", Carlisle bought it for her as a wedding present).  Go for a little swim, ::THIS PART IS NOT PG SO IT WILL NOT BE INCLUDED::  Two weeks later while on the honeymoon, Bella starts showing symptoms that she might be pregnant, then she realizes she never started her menstruation cycle for that month. Then she feels something move, Edward is freaking out, Carlisle calls, talks to Edward, they are going home to find out how they can kill that thing inside Bella before it decides to kill Bella, Bella doesn't like that so as soon as Edward leaves the room she calls his "sister", Rosalie.

 The next book is Jacobs story, but that's not very important so I'll spare you the details.

Okay, back to Bella.  So the last part of Jacobs story Bella is spewing blood and is about to "give birth" to the half human, half vampire baby.  The baby snaps Bella's spine in half, she can't feel a thing, she goes as limp as a fish, they get the baby out of there, Rosalie takes her, it's a girl, out of there and down stairs, Jacob gives Edward permission to turn her into a vampire, so Edward start biting her and biting her and putting his venom in her to change her. He also takes a syringe of his own venom when her heart stops beating and jabs it into her heart and gets it burning and pumping again, she won't scream out that she's in pain and feels like she's on fire because it would hurt Edward more.  She wakes up as a vampire after suffering for three days, completely silent.  Edward and Bella go hunting before she's allowed to be with her daughter because she's half human.  They go hunting, she goes back, finds out that Jacob "imprinted" on there daughter, she attacks, doesn't kill but gives him a stern talking to, they get over it, Renesemee is growing bigger and bigger each day, Bella, Renesemee, and Jacob go out hunting, someone who doesn't like the werewolves or vampire children saw them and runs to tell the Volturi
So yea I just gave you the short version of half of Breaking Dawn.  It's actually a good series, the Twilight Series.
Brooke doesn't think so but it's ok, we like what we like.  That's what makes us unique.

If memories are all we have, lets make the best of life :)

The one memory that always makes me smile, silently to myself, is not even a year old.  The summer of last year, in June. The first time I was going to go see my now fiance, Michael. Well it's the first time seeing him after 2 or 3 years. I remember when we set everything up to hang out. I remember staying up all night because I couldn't sleep.  I remember the drive there.  I remember seeing him walk out of the building with the biggest smile on his face.

Michael and I started talking again June 2nd, 2010.  He had just moved back to Rochester after being in a 3 year relationship with a cheater. So he left her.  Back in April, I found him on face book...I had to request him as a friend. I also wrote him a little message.  That's what basically started it all.  We started talking about how we missed each other...then I took a chance and told him how I still love him and think of him everyday.  He took me by surprise when he sent almost the same message without even realizing that I was going to say the same thing.  Then BOOM!! We were making plans to see each other.  Two weeks later we set everything up.  I was going to get a ride out there from my uncle who worked out there and he was going to drop me off before he went to work.  Mind you...he had to be to work by 6am.  So the night before I cleaned my room because I couldn't sleep because I was so excited to see him.  around 4:40am I went over to my uncle's house, texted Michael and told him i was on my way.  So from Palmyra NY to Rochester NY i went.  It was a long ride in my opinion.  But it was worth it. We got there around 5:45 am.  I said my thank yous to my uncle and said see him later.  Then I texted Michael to tell him I was there. He texted back "YAY! I'll be right down!" I waited for about five minutes...and then the most wonderful thing happened.  He busted our through those doors and ran up to me with the biggest smile on his face, and picked me up, spun me, set me down and planted a soft kiss on me.  I almost fainted; probably because I was so tired. 

So we went about our day together. We took a walk on a trail next to the Gennesse(?) River. He took me to the restaurant Jines on Park Ave. Then we went back to his brothers apartment and his brother left to give us time alone.  We listened to music, talked, and cuddled.  I was the best day I had in a long time. 

Then the time came when I had to leave. I don't think I ever cried so hard.  It hurt me so much to leave him.  But as luck would have it, it wouldn't be the last time I'd see him.  We've been together since August 16th, 2010...two months after we saw each other for the first time.  We've been together a little over 5 months now. After being together for 2 or 3 months, he asked me to marry him. Hence why I call him my fiance.  I don't have a ring yet but to me that doesn't matter.  What matters is that I'm promised to him and he's promised to me.  I can't wait to make more memories with him.


Saturday, January 29, 2011

The one place I want to go back to...hopefully someday I will.

The one place, even as a "tween", that I felt at peace, that I felt any kind of hope for myself...was in Bellingham Washington. 
I was born in Albany, NY, moved to Las Vegas, NV when I was four, then when I was around nine or ten, my mother and I packed almost everything we owned and moved to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  After three months of living there, we moved only thirty minutes south to a small pacific bay town called Bellingham, Washington.  The apartment we lived in wasn't so grand, but man I'll never forget the view from our bay window.  During the day you could see the whalers (instead of fishermen) coming in with almost nothing but a few thousand lbs of whale meat.  But dear God, at night...that bay in Bellingham shined from the lights of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.  I loved it. I miss it.  I miss waking up, opening the window and smelling that warm, gorgeous aroma of the pacific ocean.
Now, mind you, if you've all heard of Twilight or read it or watched it, you'll know that the Olympic Peninsula IS the wettest place to live in the continental US. Well, you can only guess where Bellingham is.  About 2 hours north of the Forks, Washington...north east to be exact. Never been to Forks but I have been to Port Angeles. Great food there.
The biggest part that I miss about Bellingham was the walks my mom and I always made down to the bay.  Getting tanned, feeling that warm sea spray on us. I want to go back so bad.
Maybe I will one day.